This is how I have my Fidelity accounts setup, investment/allocation strategy, and the reasoning behind my decisions. Also see Investing.

TODO: clean this up, definitely see Investing for current allocations.

You would have 4-5 actual accounts with Fidelity:

Other Fidelity setups

Setup auto fill of your outgoing account

Fidelity Manage Cash, select your outgoing account, then on the bottom right, is manager cash manager. Then fill out the form.

Cash Manager Settings

Fidelity® Cash Management Account	Individual - TOD (X--------)
Cash Manager Status	Active
Overdraft Protection	YES (Your money will be moved automatically)
Overdraft Alert	YES Add/Edit Alert Delivery
Minimum Target Balance	YES (Your money will be moved automatically)
Minimum Target Balance Amount	$1,000.00
Minimum Transfer Amount	$250.00
Minimum Target Balance Alert	YES Add/Edit Alert Delivery
Maximum Target Balance	NO
Maximum Target Balance Amount	None
Maximum Target Balance Alert	NO
Funding Accounts and Hierarchy	1. Individual - TOD (X----------) 

Account Numbers: instead of prefix "39900000" check's numbers have shorter prefix - "7710".

Why Fidelity