For Website

go to www.fidelity.com and select 'Open an Account'

When it asks you if you want both a brokerage and a CMA, say yes, and select both.

Get the debit card for the CMA account.

I recommend naming the brokerage account "savings" and the CMA account "checking".

When it asks what your core account should be, SPAXX should be the default, and that's fine.

Link Fidelity with your C360 account, so you can transfer money back and forth.

With Website

Wait 3 days for the money to come over. Then:

Select 'Accounts & Trade' then 'Account Positions', then select the 'ROTH IRA' account, you will see a 'Contribute to your Fidelity IRAs' section and it will show you how much you have put in so far for the current tax year with a little graph. Just below that is 'Make a contribution now' Then select the "from account" and then select the To account as "ROTH IRA", then enter your transfer details (Just once) and amount $500.00 (at least for the first time).

After that happens, you can select 'exit to portfolio summary'. Then click on the ROTH IRA account and then 'Positions' tab. You will see your "CORE**" now has $500 available, and down below you will see some blue text next to the total showing "You have $500.00 in pending activity". You can buy investments while it's pending, so let us do that.

Click on 'Trade'.

Select 'ROTH IRA' then Transaction type "Stocks/ETF's" and under "Symbol" type in FZROX and then hit the tab key. It will show "FIDELITY ZERO TOTAL MARKET INDEX FUND" and show you the price it is right now, whether it went up or down recently, etc but just go down and select the action 'Buy' then under 'Amount' enter $500.00

Then 'Preview Order' It should show you a yellow triangle talking about how this money isn't settled yet, but should over all show that you are buying $500 worth of FZROX, which is what we want, so select submit order.

TODO: link to a page about trades and how they work, etc.